Mobile Loading Ramps


Atkom Yard Ramps are cost effective and adjust to any truck height while having the versatility of being relocated as required.
When a fixed raised dock area is not practical and space is not a problem. Then, Atkom yard ramp is a viable solution to your loading process.
Atkom has a large range of dock accessories designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your Loading Dock.






The wheels allow easy movement at the end of the ramp and the ramp-end user with a continuouscontact with the ground as part of the container offers two advantages. Thus, even the most secureinstallation farklılılarından Trucks height air suspension resulting from the position as it occurs.

Mobile ramp loading ramp finished the job (to come from the dead) to descend down the control valve is available. The current valve, the loading ramp of the vehicle provides safe and proper positioning.

Ramps from the manufacturing stage phosphate bath after they have passed the pre-wash, double coat of paint with the desired RAL colors are painted with epoxy paint.

Mobile portable ramp on the front of the rotary wheel fitted with two pieces of rubber has been in the airwhile the wheels during loading, the load is the jack feet touch the ground. Mobile ramp after the end ofthe installation process, krikonun double leg lifted upwards, the ground rubber tires will be downloaded and sent to the ramp is moved to the ground.