Telescopic Rampers

  • Anti-slip; Made of eye drop or stretched hair, is covered with hair that facilitates the climbing of forklift wheels during snowy and rainy weather.
  • It is the safest system that allows trucks, trucks or container containers to be loaded directly into the forklift and loaded and unloaded via the infeed ramp lip.
  • Provides easy loading and unloading with the aid of two pistons and a hydraulic unit, which move one piston to lift the platform of the ramp and the front tongue (moving lip).
  • The ramp platform, which consists of a strong steel construction, can be stopped at the desired position and hydraulically braked.
  • The front tongue (lip) length is 600 mm.

Standard Ramp color, RAL 5010 ATKOM blue color, can be manufactured in preferred colors if desired.